Hypnosis in Therapy – What’s it about?

Have you ever had the traditional talk therapy and left only to continue experiencing the same issues? Did you feel like you were making no progress even after several sessions? Although traditional talk therapy is useful in certain contexts, I find that it’s a slow path to engendering the necessary change in clients to move them from where they are to where they want to go.

The reason for this is that it is not our head or mental space that we need to focus on to create change but our heart or emotional space, because our emotions are the culprit in our lack of progress. While we may understand on a conscious level with our thoughts of what we need to do to make improvements in our lives, we cannot make progress unless the change occurs first in our emotional space.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in. Hypnosis used in therapy is worlds away from the hyped up stage hypnotists you may have seen. It is not brainwashing, but a form of therapy where I facilitate change in my clients by tapping into the subconscious and tailoring the sessions to each individual client.




Low self-esteem

Relationship issues

Female sexual issues

Eating issues


Career issues

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Brigitte has assisted me to overcome two issues that were troubling me. After seeing Brigitte for two sessions I now  feel more confident when giving presentations as I am able to help me to let go off my negative thoughts. Brigitte has a calmness, confidence and natural insight that made feel very relaxed and at ease and able to address and resolve a family matter  by providing clarity around the situation. Brigitte listened carefully to my needs and I believe her to be a very natural hypnotherapist with intuition and knowledge.Brigitte is a true professional and I am looking forward to working with her again.

Rhonda, 24 September 2019

Had my first hypnotherapy session with Brigitte. Have had many hypnotherapy sessions in the past but never felt so good afterwards like I felt with Brigitte. Hopefully I’ll get a monthly session with Brigitte as feel she genuinely has a an interest in my overcoming fears and past issues.

Matti, 9 January 2020