I feel like you guide me into being able to trust how I think and feel. Be able to analyse it in my own way and not feel guilty, pressured, judged on how I see my therapies help evolve me.

Grace, 26 June 2020

Had my first hypnotherapy session with Brigitte. Have had many hypnotherapy sessions in the past but never felt so good afterwards like I felt with Brigitte. Hopefully I’ll get a monthly session with Brigitte as feel she genuinely has a an interest in my overcoming fears and past issues. 

Matti, 9 January 2020

Brigitte has assisted me to overcome two issues that were troubling me. After seeing Brigitte for two sessions I now  feel more confident when giving presentations as I am able to help me to let go off my negative thoughts. Brigitte has a calmness, confidence and natural insight that made feel very relaxed and at ease and able to address and resolve a family matter  by providing clarity around the situation. Brigitte listened carefully to my needs and I believe her to be a very natural hypnotherapist with intuition and knowledge.Brigitte is a true professional and I am looking forward to working with her again.

Rhonda, 24 September 2019